Best Practices in Training for Forensic Science Symposium

About the Program

Best Practices in Training for Forensic Science Symposium is a follow-up program of the recommendations from the Training Task Force (TTF). The TTF was an initiative sponsored by National Institute of Justice and was created to develop and provide recommendations on what is needed to train new hires and to help identify the gap between education, training, and continuing education in forensic science.

The task force included a variety of forensic professionals from different laboratories from both local and state agencies throughout the country. Professionals include laboratory directors, training coordinators, educators, and supervisors who are familiar with the importance of training new hires while keeping in mind the importance of cost effectiveness.

This three day symposium discussed the recommendations of the Task Force, have interactive sessions regarding How Adults Learn, Best Methods in Training, Crime Scene Training Protocols, how to incorporate ISO 17020 in crime scene and latent print units, how to develop training protocols for your agency, and more.

The Symposium was held March 11-13, 2014, in Morgantown, WV.

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