Fingerprint Fundamentals for the Legal Professional

This course is presented as an overview of fingerprint evidence. Content will include factors and issues associated with latent print detection and collection, development, and comparison techniques. A latent print is potentially visible after development with a powder or chemical. The goal of this course is to help attorneys understand the latent print process from the crime scene to the courtroom.

Specific outcomes:

Instructor Bio:

Martin Overly, MSFS

Martin Overly is an Instructor in the West Virginia University’s Forensic & Investigative Science program. He teaches several courses related to investigative techniques and evidence processing methods for the investigator/examiner, most notably in fingerprint examination and biological evidence. Before joining the F&IS program, he worked for the Forensic Science Initiative creating continuing education courses for forensic professionals. Martin has had an extensive amount of continuing education and training in several forensic disciplines. He is also an affiliate with the American Academy of Forensic Sciences. Martin has a Master’s degree in forensic science.

The archived recording of this webinar can be viewed HERE